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While I disagree with the title “A Fad To Pass” since body modification has been around since the beginning of time it certainly makes it more than a fad. I think it’s a good article.

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A Small Taste of Body Modification Culture

When I dawdled in, my eyes first led me to the lit jewelry cases to my left.  They had well shined mirrors that reflected the many colors of the jewelry.  Some gems were kept in wood displays some in black displays and some just sat on the glass shelves.  Beams of light glittered away from the gems while the metal gave off a satin sheen.  The decorations in the display case change seasonally, but this time there were fake tropical flowers on the inside.  My pale reflection shone back at me in the spotless mirror.

To my right stood a tall jewelry case encircled by tribal masks and art.  The seating area, which was also to my right, accommodated two black leather couches and a love seat.  On the glass coffee table that was in front of the couch farthest away from me rested the piercing and tattoo artists’ portfolios.  They contained many pictures of the artists’ finest works.  In front of me was a hallway, it went to the multiple tattoo rooms and the piercing room.  You could barely see a few black tattoo beds that have floor lamps over them.

While I am a part of the body modification community, I am not modified enough to know what it’s like to be harshly discriminated against because of my modifications. I was curious as to if others in the piercing community had experienced discrimination and, if so, what were their experiences.  I also wanted to know who got modified and why, partially because I had little knowledge of why I did it.  Curiosity about safety laws, or lack thereof, having to do with modification had also set in.  I set out to write this paper for all these reasons, and also because I wanted to share the experiences of those modified.  Lastly, I want to smash the narrow views that many of the outside cultures have of body modification.

I slid across the linoleum floor to the cash register placed on one of the jewelry cases.  The lady behind the cash register was named Eva.  Her orange-ish pink hair was gathered into a neat pony tail. She had half sleeves and a few ear piercings.  The most notable being an industrial inside her conch. She was mid-twenties, but as I found out, her kindness was beyond her age. Read the rest of this entry

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